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We know what some people think,

“PSS providers are all the same”

We aren’t, and the choice in providers really does matter.

Our team partners with airlines from all around the world, just like yours.

At InteliSys, we treat our airline customers like family members. Our team has been partnering with airlines of all types and business models around the world since 1987. We want your airline to thrive, and our entire team is dedicated to supporting your airline’s success and growth every step of the way.

With best-in-breed, 100% cloud-based systems, and caring system experts, we work hand in hand with you to ensure that your airline maximizes its profit potential, focuses on sustainability and gets the most out of our amelia software.

At InteliSys, Our Team Is Your Team

Our team is what makes us great. Excellent people with passion, initiative and integrity, ready to take on new challenges and help your airline grow.

What We Believe

If we can empower the creativity of airline teams,
the travel experience will be transformed for passengers around the globe.

How We Act

We open up a traditionally closed PSS environment to provide airlines with the information and tools they need to create, innovate and thrive

InteliSys Was Born

InteliSys was first established in 1987 and we are proud to still be partnering with airlines who have been with us for over 30 years

Global Presence

Headquartered in Canada and Vietnam with offices in markets across the globe, our team is committed to helping your airline no matter where you are located

Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock the potential that exists inside of every airline, enabling airline teams to better serve their market and grow their business

Key Facts

ameliaRES was the first major PSS in the public cloud, our systems run on world-class cloud software

More than 25,000 active travel agencies and 70,000+ system users around the world depend on amelia every day

On average, all airlines on the amelia system experienced 25% growth in both 2018 and 2019

InteliSys was recognized as a Leading Innovator in Airline Passenger Reservation Software 2019 by LUXlife at the Global Hospitality Awards

Airlines on the ameliaRES system move over 30M pax per year

InteliSys is currently partnered with over 40 airlines
spread in countries all around the world

InteliSys was named among the Most Innovative Aviation & Aerospace Solution Providers 2018

If you are looking for a partner, team and reservation system to work alongside your airline, 

we would love to meet you!