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The First-Class InteliSys Experience

We provide airlines around the globe with Reservation (PSS) and Cargo Management Systems,

but when your airline partners with InteliSys you will gain so much more than a leading IT system.

The first-class InteliSys experience your airline will receive is what truly sets us apart.

Our Promise

When you experience our 100% cloud-based system and the unprecedented speed and attentiveness of our team of experts, you’ll be confident in our best-in-class security, stability, and scalability; giving you the opportunity to sit back and focus on growing your airline.

Our Process

The customer journey with InteliSys can be compared to one of your own flights and consists of three distinct stages: pre-flight, takeoff, and cruise. Throughout each of these phases, you will receive unparalleled attention, responsiveness, and care. 

Our Guarantee

With quick and easy access to our global team, a minimum of 100 new product features released each year, and detailed education about every major release and feature, your team will have the knowledge and tools you need to thrive with your amelia system.

You’ll be assigned a development team and one main point of contact. This ensures that you know who to reach out to and who on our team is accountable for your success. You’ll have no concerns about being lost in a call center vacuum. Your contact will fully understand your objectives, meet your team members so they know who to go to, and guide you through the implementation process. Your team will love how quick and easy our system training is- your call center and DCS agents will be trained in less than a day!

As your amelia software is implemented, you’ll have access to intuitive, easy-to-follow training in the form of videos and workbooks in our ameliaACADEMY. But you’re not left on your own! Your Account Executive will be available to guide you with additional personalized training to ensure that your implementation is fast, pain-free and gets you up and flying with amelia. Our Account Executive and Product Specialist team are here for you 24/7 during your ‘takeoff’ to ensure that your system is running smoothly so you can have a seamless transition to amelia.

Once your airline is live on amelia, your team is trained, and your relationship with your Account Executive is established, you are part of the amelia family! When you have questions, we are just one call away with 24 hour support provided by our global team.

We have 8 major software releases per year and ongoing maintenance releases. Your airline can be confident that when we introduce new features, you’ll be the first to know. Because we are so entrenched in the global industry, we also proactively bring to you, in your regular Account Executive meetings, industry developments that you might not hear about on your own. Additionally, when we host events like our Airline Growth Summit or online webinars, you’ll be welcomed beyond the red rope!

In short, we’ll be there with you during every part of your journey to help you become the airline you strive to be.

Who Is

Taking Flight to Gaming Excellence: Forging a Partnership Between Australian Casino Companies and First-Class Airlines

G’day, savvy business minds! When it comes to innovation, Australian casino companies are no strangers to thinking outside the box. Picture this: a fusion of gaming excitement with the luxury and sophistication of first-class airlines. It’s a match made in high-flying heaven, and here’s how Australian casino companies like this one can soar to new heights by partnering with these aviation giants.

Step 1: Crafting an Irresistible Proposal

Start by crafting a compelling proposal that outlines the benefits of the partnership. Highlight the unique experiences and exclusivity that combining casino offerings with first-class travel can bring to passengers.

Step 2: Creating Tailored Gaming Packages

Work closely with first-class airlines to create bespoke gaming packages for their passengers. Imagine sipping champagne while playing pokies at 30,000 feet – it’s a one-of-a-kind experience that caters to discerning travelers.

Step 3: Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Navigate the regulatory landscape to ensure that the partnership aligns with gaming and aviation regulations. Transparency and compliance are key to building a successful and reputable collaboration.

Step 4: Elevating In-Flight Entertainment

Integrate casino games into the in-flight entertainment system, offering passengers a chance to indulge in gaming as they cruise at high altitudes. It’s a sophisticated way to pass the time during those long-haul flights.

Step 5: Marketing and Promotion

Roll out a marketing campaign that showcases the unique partnership and its offerings. Leverage the allure of luxury travel and premium gaming to attract both seasoned gamblers and jet-setters.

By teaming up with first-class airlines, Australian casino companies can create a synergy that elevates both industries. It’s a marriage of opulence, excitement, and indulgence that caters to a new breed of travelers seeking unforgettable experiences. So, gear up, casino moguls, and prepare to take your gaming offerings to the skies – because when Australian innovation meets aviation luxury, the sky’s the limit!

At InteliSys, we truly believe that our airline customers are family and we treat them that way. Our team has been partnering with airlines of all types and business models around the world since 1987. We want your airline to thrive, and our entire team is dedicated to supporting your airline’s success and growth every step of the way. With best-in-breed, 100% cloud-based systems and caring system experts, we work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that your airline maximizes its profit potential, focuses on sustainability, and gets the most out of your amelia software.

amelia for Start-ups

We have successfully launched numerous startups over the years, including one of the fastest growing start-up airlines in recent history.
Here are the top 3 ways we can help your start-up airline get ahead:

  • Quickly grow your brand and your sales with the amelia Sales Ecosystem
  • Maximize the lifetime value of each of your passengers
  • Go live and train your team quickly and effectively

amelia for Full Service & Regional Airlines

We are proud to partner with full service, national and regional airline carriers all over the world.
Our airlines take advantage of traditional features, but also are able to leverage features from other business models that help them stand out and thrive.

  • Access all your data in real-time through our robust reporting suite and replicated database to ensure you always have the best tools to make decisions
  • Grow your revenue with amelia‘s GDS to increase sales and streamline your codeshare & interline partnerships
  • Expand your market share with the amelia Sales Ecosystem

amelia for ULCC, LCC & Hybrid Carriers

ameliaRES has helped some of the world’s most successful low cost carriers to become market leaders. With amelia you are not limited to a finite business model,  we have the features and scalability to ensure your airline has all the features you need to succeed today as well as in the future.

  • We work with our airlines to ensure they are leveraging key features to maximize their revenue per passenger
  • Expand your market share with the amelia Sales Ecosystem to open up all direct & indirect channels and take advantage of our direct OTA connections
  • With over 500 configurations, you can pick and choose from LCC, ULCC and hybrid model features
  • Our system offers best-in-class scalability, stability and security

amelia for Cargo Airlines

ameliaCARGO is designed to efficiently manage all of your airline’s cargo operations from acceptance through to delivery.
ameliaCARGO will help your airline thrive with the key features to:

  • Provide an amazing customer experience
  • Automate your cargo management
  • Reduce lost cargo

Million passengers moved annually


Growth for all airlines on the amelia system the last two years in a row


New features added every year


Start-up airlines that InteliSys Aviation has helped to go live over the years

Why Do Airlines

Love amelia?

  • powerful & efficient

    Used by airlines with under 25 thousand to over 25 million passengers/year

  • secure & dependable

    Fully cloud-hosted and boasts greater than 99.99% system uptime

  • leading edge

    More than 100 system features are added every year

  • agile & adaptable

    Custom features developed quickly for airline's evolving needs

You Might Be Wondering…

At InteliSys, we put our airline clients first. We do not just provide your airline with software. Our entire team is dedicated to the success and growth of each of our airline clients, acting as their aviation partners and always looking out for their best interests. Customers are the most important part of our business and we work hard each day to validate their decision to invest their time, money and resources in our software.

We understand that changing airline systems can seem daunting, but at InteliSys it is a completely different experience. If your airline is looking to switch PSS providers, we understand that process intimately. In the past year, we have successfully migrated more than five airlines, ranging in sizes and using a variety of business models. If you are looking for additional functionality, to build a custom system that better fits your needs and budget, or are looking for something that you can implement quickly and is easy for your airline team to use- then amelia is the right fit for you.

We are here to support your airline every step of the way. After providing on-site amelia training with our system experts, we offer many channels to help support you and your team: 24/7/365 access to our team for immediate support via online channels and phone, a helpdesk line, an online amelia learning platform, access to a compilation of tutorials and support documentation, customer support handbooks, direct access to all members of your account team and more.  We will always treat your airline business like it is our own and be there to guide and support you if ever a problem should arise.

With ameliaRES, the sky really is the limit for your sales potential. We work hand in hand with our airlines to ensure that they are maximizing their sales potential and not leaving any revenue on the table. We help airlines to increase their brand visibility and sell at a global level across more channels and networks. The robust amelia sales ecosystem maximizes your direct sales channels through IBE, mobile and call centre systems as well as a dedicated web portal for travel agencies and corporate clients.  Indirect sales are boosted through our preferred OTA agreements that we pass on to our airline clients. We also offer GDS bookings on your airline’s own ticket stock on all major GDSs and/or outsourced partner ticket stock, so you can fill more seats for less.

How our customers talk about us. We care and they can feel it.

Our Fully Customized

Airline Software


The world’s first open and 100% cloud-based major PSS.


The cargo management system that simplifies handling.

Our Successful Clients

Here’s What Our Airline Partners Are Saying About Us

“There is a great deal of trust in knowing you have people who can help you when you run into a bind. A gain we’ve found is the ability of anyone in the network to track and trace information on cargo. amelia functions are user-friendly, easy to learn, and the transition was positive.”

Trustworthy Support Team
Systems & Training Manager, Calm Air

“Change management in any business is hard, especially when transferring a business-critical system like airline reservations. The follow-up support after the Go-Live has been very good with an on-site visit being made available when requested. We look forward to a long and strong business relationship with InteliSys.”

Supportive System Switch
CEO, SkyTrans

“VietJet had very tight constraints on our startup and InteliSys were able to have VietJet fully operational with a passenger reservation management system in the short time available. InteliSys was able to deliver the necessary additional functions that have allowed VietJet to quickly capture a large share of the Vietnam air travel market.”

Quickly Implemented Solution
Director ICT, VietJet Air

“We chose amelia as our host for our cargo and reservation system solutions. Some of the key development features we had been working towards and needed to have addressed: interline capability, mobile and web check-in, automated DCS for all airports, corporate client website, improved security, reliability and connectivity.”

Flexible Functionality
Customer Service Manager, PAL Airlines

“Within 45 days of ameliaRES implementation, 20% of our reservations were made through the web. This significantly reduced workload in our call center while improving customer satisfaction in the reservation process. In addition, ameliaRES has helped increase our load factors by 25%, which helps the system pay for itself.”

Reduced Workload, Increased Sales
CEO, Vieques Air Link

Contact Our Team

If you are looking for a partner, team and system to work alongside your airline- we would love to talk to you.


Email us here to learn more about our airline solutions

Current customers: support@intelisysaviation.com

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Canada: 22 King Street, Floor 3, Saint John, NB E2L 1G3

Vietnam: Hado Airport Building, Suite 804, 02 Hong Ha, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, 700000